Casual Contemplation - Outgrowing Limitations

Is it a limitation or an outdated state of mind? We are not born into this world knowing how to crawl, walk, run, ride a bike, etc. In the beginning of our lives there are true limitations. We outgrow those limitations as we observe, attempt, stumble and eventually learn to overcome them.

Our dreams are no different. In the beginning we may feel limited by circumstances and unlearned capabilities. When it is truly a desire born of the heart, nothing is impossible.  

For years I have had two dreams: writing a book and creating T-Shirts and casual apparel that encourage thinking outside the box, promote self acceptance, and help us move beyond words that elicit unwanted reactions to emotions; often referred to as trigger words.

With the wonderful invention of print on demand online store fronts Casual Contemplation is now a reality. When contemplating limitations I found that the idea had become an outdated state of mind that no longer holds all of my attention. I am outgrowing them.

What limitations are you currently experiencing? Are they true limitations or an outdated state of mind? 

If your ready to outgrow your limitations, consider getting your "I'm Outgrowing Limitations" Casual Contemplation wearable today!

Wishing you all many blessings,


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